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We all know Shawn hung out at the precinct when he was a kid. What I want from you is more of young Shawn and the cops of the Santa Barbara Police Department during Henry’s time as a cop. Shawn can be anywhere form a few days old to twenty-one just as long as there’s interaction between him and Henry's cop buddies. Let Shawn raise a little hell at the precinct too.

Categories: Pre-season, Alternate Universe Characters: Henry, Other, Shawn

Summary: Maybe a challenge or two will help get the stories in this fandom going. Okay, here we go. I'd like for you to tell us how you think Shawn and Gus met when they were kids. Were they friends right away, or did it take something special to initiate the friendship? Have fun!
Categories: Pre-season, Season Characters: Gus, Other, Shawn
Summary: We need to see more of Shawn and his bike. Cause, ya know, he still has that thing. Just a story about Shawn and his bike. An accident, a story..... anything. Just no dying. Pleease. Extra love for anyone who can put in some shules. His bike is a '72 Norton 750 Commando, in case you didnt get that already.
Categories: None Characters: Buzz, Gus, Henry, Juliet, Karen, Lassiter, Maddie Spencer, Shawn

What would happen if some of the police officers including Lassiter, Juliet, and the chief went on a weekend long camping trip and the chief invited Shawn and Gus along for the ride?

Categories: Season Characters: Shawn

I want to see how well people can write cars blowing up...

I want either just Shawn or Shawn and Gus in a car.

They can't ecsape so then they call some one to help them then the car blows up after their help comes but not before they get out.

They both can live but has lots of live through damage or Shawn can be killed.


Even if Shawn dies can there be a little Shules at the end? like Shules telling Shawn she loves him at the funeral or her kissing Shawn when hewakes up. something like that plz

oh can it be 2-^ pages?

please and thank you!!! =) 

Categories: Season Characters: Shawn

Shawn & Co are sent to investigate the disapperance of a young competitive dancer.


The catch is in order to solve the case...Shawn must go deeply undercover as either:

-The new dance teacher.


-The parent of a child in the dance class


Have fun!

Categories: Season Characters: Shawn

An evil Psycho is challenging Shawn. It's a game to him, conjruing up impossible challenges that stretches Shawn's ability to the limit, and if he fails? His friends and family could be caught in the crossfire.

Categories: None Characters: Gus, Henry, Juliet, Lassiter, Other, Shawn
Summary: Shawn had many jobs before Psych.  In a recent marathon of watching Discovery Channel's The Deadliest Catch, I thought I wonder what Shawn would be like on a crab boat as a deck hand.  I laughed myself silly.  Let me know what you can come up with.  can be funny, angst, whumpy, whatever...
Categories: Season, Pre-season Characters: OMC, Shawn

After learning that his father was adopted Shawn travels to Genoa City to meet his biological, paternal grandmother, Katherine Chancellor.



Categories: Crossover Characters: Shawn

Looking for a story where someone from Jules family comes into town, but soon becomes a problem when the family members problems follow them to Santa Barbara. The person goes missing and while looking for her/him, Shawn and Jules get taken captive as well. Would love to see some good Shawn/Jules dialogue, but please stay true to the rules of the show. (in other words, shawn and jules can't get together at the end. :-))



Categories: Season Characters: Gus, Juliet, Other, Shawn